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5 Genius Small Apartment Ideas You Need To Try To Make Your Tiny Home Feel Bigger

5 Genius Small Apartment Ideas You Need To Try To Make Your Tiny Home Feel Bigger

If you’re in need of the BEST small apartment ideas ever, you’re in the right place! Because these 5 small space ideas will literally change your life & transform your tiny home into an beautiful, expansive space that feels GREAT to be in!


Coming across useful small apartment ideas is not the easiest thing to do! Of course, there are tons of resources available, but most of them are not REALLY tailored to small spaces.

That’s why I’ve created this extensive guide for you! These 5 valuable small apartment ideas & small space ideas are tried & true hacks you can start incorporating into your small home design right now!

They all help you preserve the functionality of your small apartment, enhance its beauty AND save as much space in it as possible!

You’ll find tips & tricks for every room in your apartment & similar products to shop to make it even easier for you to recreate them.

So keep reading, because these ideas are guaranteed to change your life & transform your home!

  1. Scale down your entryway

When it comes to entryways, small apartment owners often tend to go to extremes. They either eliminate it all in all, or they try to fit a regular entryway into their tiny homes.

But let me tell you, entryways are SO important! Not only because they’re functional, but also because they’re nice to look at if designed right. So you definitely should NOT commit either of these crimes!

The key to having a full-value entryway that serves all your needs in a small space is to simply scale the whole thing down!

So opt for a narrow console table, put a woven basket with a cute throw blanket in it under the table. Decorate the surface with a stoneware vase full of dried pampas, a decorative bowl for your keys, some stick candle holders, as well as a table lamp on top of a few decorative books for great illumination.

  1. Use storage solutions that have a slim structure

Providing enough storage space for yourself is essential, no matter the size of your home! But when you have constraints on space, you really gotta think of what kinds of storage solutions will suit your tiny home best.

And the answer to that is right here! The absolute best storage solutions for small spaces are those that have a thin frame & a slim structure. These will look SOO good in your small home! They also make you perceive your space to be more expansive, due to their slim silhouette that doesn’t really catches one’s attention.

So definitely go ahead & invest in tall metal frame bookcases like the one under, or a similar console table.

  1. Choose the right size rug

One of the most important small apartment ideas you’ll ever come across is to make sure you choose the right size rug! Most people go wrong here. And no wonder why, because it’s super easy to do so.

But with the help of this guide, you’re guaranteed not to fall victim to this! 

Here’s what you really have to know to make the perfect decision for every area rug in your home: too small is just as bad as too big!

When you choose a large rug, you’ll make your home feel disproportional. But a small rug is going to be just as unpleasant visually: it’ll draw the eyes in instantly, therefore narrowing down your space even more.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended that you go with a rug that’s only a few inches bigger than the layout of furniture (sofa + armchairs / dining table + dining chairs) it’s on. 

  1. Go vertical with decor

When you have a small space, it’s really easy to waste your valuable space with decor. To avoid cutting down the floor space you have to yourself, go vertical with decor!

This means installing floating shelves for more decor surface, as well as using your dressers, console tables & even window sills to decorate. This will help you utilize surfaces that are already at hand for your decorative purposes, as well as save TONS of floor space for essentials & furniture.

  1. Incorporate mirrors

The more mirrors you have in a tiny space, the better! Mirrors have really advantegous properties that help create the illusion of a larger space.

Namely, their reflective properties will make you perceive twice as much as there really is! Not only that, but because of that, they also brighten up any room instantly!

So if you want both an expansive AND airy feel to your home, you should definitely try hanging a few mirrors above your bed, sofa or dining table, or placing a few standing mirrors into empty corners!

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