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The Basics to a Clean and Organised Bathroom

The Basics to a Clean and Organised Bathroom

The bathroom is not just a place to get ready for the day ahead, but an oasis where you go to pamper yourself and receive some much-needed self-care. It is also a room where your guests are almost certain to visit.

Given that it is arguably the most utilised place in your home, you want your bathroom to be an inviting space where everyone who uses it can feel welcome. The key to this is to ensure your bathroom space is sparkling clean, with your belongings neatly placed away.

The following bathroom essentials will allow you to balance out the requisite hygiene, style, and functional requirements of a conducive restroom.


A mirror is something that is ubiquitous in every bathroom. It is what we use to keep our appearance in check.

Having a mirror means you avoid situations where you miss a spot while shaving your facial hair or step out of the house with badly smudged winged eyeliner. It can also have a drastic impact on altering and enhancing the appearance of even the dullest of bathrooms.

An ideal mirror is not only functional. It should also make a bold design statement that brings character and soul to your bathroom. The easiest way to achieve this is perhaps to install strips of LED lights along the perimeter of your mirror for some extra illumination to serve all your priming needs.


Bath towels are a common sense requisite in every bathroom.

While towels can come in a vast array of shapes and sizes, they each serve their own unique purpose in drying different parts of your body. Hence, you need to have dedicated towels in your bathroom for your face, hands, and body.

For a start, keep a set of towels with two of each type in your bathroom at all times. This gives you an extra towel to use when one is in the wash. From an optics perspective, when choosing a colour for your towels, go for a neutral tone or something that matches the bathroom décor.


A bathmat is a very visible yet regularly understated bathroom essential. How well it fits in a space should always be taken into consideration.

A bathmat serves the dual purpose of drying your feet after a shower, thereby reducing the possibility of slipping and injuring yourself on the bathroom floor as you step out.

More than just a practical article, a beautiful bathmat can also do wonders for the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom as a whole. One that is in sync with the look of your tiles and bathroom accessories adds a subtle touch of class and elegance to any space.

Toilet Bin

Given that the bathroom is where you clean up, various personal hygiene products, including tissues, dental floss, and makeup pads, are used and discarded on a regular basis. However, no one wants to spend time in a bathroom where these sanitary products are in plain sight!

A toilet bin is essential to keeping these products out of sight and their foul odour concealed. To keep your bathroom spotless and smelling like heaven, it is best to purchase a bin with an enclosed lid that shuts by itself once waste has been deposited. This also means that you avoid dirtying your hands.

A miniaturised version of the traditional pedal-pin is the ideal fit for a bathroom, particularly those with an extra cover around the top for a tightly-sealed closure.

Maintaining a small trash bin is preferable, as that way you are motivated to empty the waste when it overflows. This can go a long way in avoiding any smell and preventing unsanitary waste from building up, which will make the bathroom space appear rather unappealing.

Cleaning Supplies

With all the activities that take place in the bathroom, it can easily become dirty and unsightly if it is not properly maintained. It is therefore important to have the right cleaning supplies on hand in order to give your bathroom a quick scrub when it gets unruly.

A toilet brush is something every bathroom cannot do without. Either store it beside the toilet seat out of sight or underneath the basin for added convenience.

Combined with some toilet cleaner liquid, you want to give those dirty spots on the toilet bowl a hard scrub until they become clean as new. Scrubbing every corner and deep into the bottom of the bowl also minimises future stains.

Also, consider having a few packets of cleaning wipes on hand. They can be a potential lifesaver when your toilet is in desperate need of a quick clean up. A simple wipe around the sides of the bowl will remove any surface dust or small spills in between deeper cleans.

Laundry Hampers

Laundry is one of those chores that seems to never end. Once you finish a load, another appears out of nowhere. However, simply leaving all your dirty clothes lying around in between washes is not the answer.

A laundry hamper is an extremely functional organisation solution that allows you to place all your dirty clothes together. With laundry hampers, it is easy to identify which clothes are clean and which are not.

Having a laundry hamper situated in a convenient corner of your toilet makes it incredibly easy to undress and toss your soiled outfit into the basket before popping into the shower. In doing so, you do not mix them up with your clean change of clothes. Most importantly, your bathroom remains organised and odor-free, with no dirty pieces of clothing in sight.


Clutter can be exceptionally jarring and is a proven source of stress in our lives. This spells out the importance of cleaning up and putting things away after use.

Having appropriately sized and smartly located storage is key to a tranquil and visually stunning bathroom space. Consider a mirror storage unit that allows you to combine your mirror with wall storage cabinets.

Additional storage in the bathroom is always useful, especially if you require more room for your toiletries, linens, cosmetics, personal grooming products, and just about everything else.

A small dresser or stand-alone drawer cabinet unit is a practical way of getting things off the vanity. Meanwhile, the table top functions as further storage or to showcase your favourite decorative pieces, as everything else remains neatly hidden in the drawers.

If you are faced with space constraints, multipurpose storage boxes and basket trays can fit effortlessly into existing shelving and cupboards to store loose items. Consider installing wall hangers for all of your towels and toiletries.

Placing everything away neatly is fundamental to an organised bathroom.

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