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Charity / Outreach

Philanthropy & Sponsorships Giving back to our community for over 10 years. We care about our local central valley community. That’s why we have donated over $25,000 per year since 2010 to various local organizations and non-profits. We also provide scholarships for college-bound high school students. 

Visalia Rescue Mission

Even though we're based in Fresno, CA, the Central Valley is our home. With Covid19, we saw the increased need for shelters and more longterm help. We're proud to support Visalia Rescue Mission.

High School Vietnamese Scholarship Foundation - Fresno

We believe in helping unique Vietnamese students with no GPA requirements to help attend the school of the choice. 

Kiwanis Club

Every year, our sister company, Lifestyle Solar, donates a solar system for auction at the Kiwanis Club, and our team helps volunteers throughout the year. 


We love Folding@home and donate spare computing power to help researcher study protein structures for various viruses.

Folding@home is focused on using distributed computing (your computer) to help focus on disease research. The problems require so many computer calcul­ations and require all the help they can get! It's something you can let your computer do while you're asleep at night!