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Lifestyle Furniture, Furniture For Your Lifestyle (Click Me)
Lifestyle Furniture, Furniture For Your Lifestyle (Click Me)

Carbon-Offset Shipping and Delivering a Better World

Lifestyle Furniture is the first major retailer in Fresno to offset 100% of carbon emissions from our delivery and pickup. With every purchase, we balance out the carbon emissions by contributing a positive environmental impact.


The Central Valley is California acts as a pool for many pollutants produced by our 3+ million population. Emissions get trapped and we bear with significant smog problems. We want to do our part in reducing our impact and lighten the carbon footprint, to make home a healthier place.

What does offset emissions mean?

We invest in energy projects every year that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount or more.

How does it work?

We fund solar projects with Lifestyle Energy to add more solar projects every year, and sponsoring other environmental groups that help protect the air quality.

What does this cost me?

This costs you nothing. It's a great thing about shopping with Lifestyle Furniture and our local focus with the Central Valley.