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Your Trusty Guide to Interior Styling and Buying Furniture Online (Part 2)

Your Trusty Guide to Interior Styling and Buying Furniture Online (Part 2)


A bedroom is not complete without the classic bedroom furniture staples. There is the obvious bed, the functional yet stylish dressing table and at least one nightstand. That said, how well the furniture and other decorative elements in your room meshes together has an impact on how comfortable and relaxed you feel in your bedroom.

Making the right furniture choices for your sleeping space essentially provides your bedroom with the much-needed oomph required to transform it into an inviting and attractive sanctuary that you would want to retreat into after a long day.

Statement Bed

The bed is the centrepiece of every bedroom and should therefore be given the attention it deserves. This means taking your time when it comes to choosing a bed for your room since it plays a very important role in shaping your bedroom’s décor.

If you already have a bed that you are satisfied with, the n by all means continue enjoying it even after you move into your home. However, a new home could also present a new opportunity to level up your mattress game.

Upgrading you bed involves either purchasing a larger-sized bed or investing in a higher quality mattress, or both. Finding the right mattress can make all the difference when it comes to your sleep quality,

The size of your bed can make a significant effect on your overall comfort and freedom to move around in your sleep. But make sure not to go too large as this can take up significant space meant for other bedroom pieces, whilst also hindering your mobility.

Aesthetically, a bed frame paired with a chic headboard can lend a splash of personality to your bedroom interior. Furthermore, it serves as a very much needed back support whenever you cosy up with a great book.

Having a chic bed frame is always a great way to put a twist on your bedroom design but avoid anything that could put a dent in the overall décor. Complete the look with some extra cosy pillows and fluffy quilt comforters.

Complementary Bedside Table 

The bedside table is a loyal mainstay in most bedroom settings. It is the anchor to your bed that enables it to blend seamlessly into the bedroom interior, completely in sync with the design of the bed.

Whilst the bedside table is traditionally matched to the bed frame, and purchased as a set, feel free to channel your inner eccentricity by opting for something in another style or colour. The bedside table also happens to be the perfect spot for your phone while you sleep. For this reason, they are usually positioned just beside your bed so that you can grab your frequently used items like your phone or glasses without much effort. It is also the perfect spot for displaying any decorative pieces and other beautiful ornaments you might have. A simple lamp, alarm clock, potted cactus or small photo frame will undoubtedly add character to your room.

Before buying a bedside table, you want to think about what your purpose for it is. Because bedside tables can differ widely in size, shape and function, you need to take into account the purpose of the table, the size of your room and how much storage you need.

A nightstand is ideal if you are only looking to place a few essential items like your phone or small knick-knacks. But for bulkier items such as books and magazines, a bedside cabinet complete with small chests of drawers and cabinets would be more appropriate.

Ideally, you want a nightstand on each side of the bed for a balanced appearance although those who sleep alone tend to make do with just one.

Glamorous Dressing Table

When it comes to dolling yourself up, a dressing table complete with a stool and tall mirror is the perfect spot for keeping you comfortable and focused as you fuss over yourself. That said, the dressing table is more than just a place for you to enhance your outer beauty. It Is an ideal place to store your cosmetics after applying makeup. You can also use the dresser drawers to organise your other beauty essentials and toiletries in an orderly manner so that the next time you get ready, you know automatically where to reach for the items you need.

The mirrors on a dresser are always an aesthetic boost that can add to the visual appeal of your bedroom, so you want to pay attention to the mirror when choosing a bedroom dresser.

Overall, a good dressing table is known to not only improve productivity and save you time every morning, it also takes away any unnecessary stress from struggling to locate what you need by keeping everything in its rightful place. So, make sure your dressing table is neat and organised at all times.

If need to, a dresser can also double as a desk, or extra surface area for your files and documents when your desk is cluttered.

Organised Wardrobe

Next to your bed, your wardrobe is perhaps the second most essential piece of furniture in your bedroom. This is due to its role in keeping your bedroom tidy and clutter-free.

We all require somewhere to keep our clothes. It does not matter whether you own many pieces of clothes or have just a few, a wardrobe is there to keep your clothes well-organised and in good condition for future use. Sorting your clothes by type, for instance, jeans on one shelf and shirts on another can be useful in helping you access what you need easily. Not to mention, wardrobes are also used to store items like toiletries, pillows and extra beddings.

Wardrobes are predominantly found in two styles – sliding door and open door wardrobes. What you decide to go will depend on your available space, budget and the number of clothes you intend to hang in it.

Sliding door wardrobes are designed to glide horizontally from left to right and vice versa. Because of their sideways sliding mechanism, no extra space is taken up on either side of the wardrobe. They also provide abundant space for just about everything. With a wardrobe this accommodating, the need for additional storage in other areas of the house is reduced. Moreover, these wardrobes are as good to look at as they are functional, lending a touch of class and elegance to any space. They can be designed to complement the general style and colour palette for your room.

Additionally, the wardrobe can be enhanced with a mirrored sliding door. If you have a smaller room, this not only saves you precious space meant for other bedroom essentials, but also serves a functional purpose by reflecting areas of the room to make it appear larger.

Open door wardrobes, on the other hand, are the traditional choice. The wardrobe mechanism involves a shutter that is attached to the closet using hinges. Their outward mechanism also means that you are offered a complete view of the inside contents when you open both sides of the doors, which allows you to make efficient and stress-free decisions on what to wear each morning.

Having hinged doors also provides the flexibility of incorporating additional home storage solutions such as hanging an over-the-door organiser, installing hooks or mounting a utility rack on the inside of the door. These wardrobes are designed to open up at any angle. Consequently, they are conventionally utilised for wardrobes of any shape ranging from square, to L-shaped, triangular and even pentagonal corner wardrobes.

Because wardrobes are usually something purchased once for the long-term rather than regularly updated to keep up with style trends, when buying a wardrobe, ensure you choose one that can hold your items and fit stylishly into your room.

Comfortable Chair

Even though a couch or chair is not always seen as a bedroom essential, these pieces add style and colour to your bedroom. This chair can range from a petite vanity stool to an office chair or even a generous vintage find that would not be out of place in a living room.

Having a nice, cushy chair in the bedroom means another place to relax and unwind after a long day. It also makes the perfect spot to finish up any last-minute projects or read a book before you turn in for the night, especially given that a bed is not the best place for office work as the body may begin to associate bedtime with work stress. Not to mention, having a chair in your room also mean your friends and family can rest on it while waiting for you to pick out your clothes or put on your makeup. Another reason to have comfy chairs in the bedroom is that it allows you a proper place to sit down as you put on your shoes and socks, or sort through your purse or handbag before heading out to begin a brand new day.

Dining Room

The dining room lies at the heart of your house. It is a place where the family gathers after a long day to share a hearty meal, and where they relax and spend quality time together on a warm evening. However, many modern home designs tend to integrate a dining area within a large open plan space, which often also consists of the kitchen and living room area. Under these circumstances, it is up to the homeowner to establish a 'dining area' within a larger, multifunctional space. This can be quite a challenge given that it not only involves selecting the right furniture and lighting but also the way they are arranged in order to achieve a 'room within a room' effect. It can be difficult to create a warm and inviting ambience in these open plan spaces – that is where your dining room furniture comes in. But keep in mind that sprucing up a dining room goes beyond simply buying a few chairs and a table.

Creating an alluring space requires the inculcation of a few essential elements. In particular, a dining table, dining chairs and storage space are all requisites of a proper dining room, where friends and family can come together for a good time.

Classic Dining Table

There is no way you can properly dine without a table. In fact, this is the numero uno when it comes to dining room essentials. Without a dining table, where would you have an empty surface to tuck into those meals?

While dining room tables are available in numerous sizes, styles, and materials, it is important to go for something that can accommodate your daily needs and not just a lavish, over-the-top dinner party.

The size of the room is often what dictates the size of the dining table. With that in mind, you want to consider how many people are in your household, and how frequently you have guests over. A two-seater dining table is perfect for a singleton while an extra-large sized table ensures that an extended family of eight have sufficient surface space to wine and dine in comfort. But what happens if you do not have extra seats for your guests? In this context, an expandable dining table makes room for your guests in a pinch, and is a practical option for those who do not require a bigger table in their day-to-day. Otherwise, an outdoor garden table should also do the trick.

In terms of shape, you have a choice of oval, round, square or the classic rectangular option.

If your goal is something timeless that never goes out of style, a rectangular dining table should be your first choice. Alternatively, softer edges are known to lend a more modernist feel. Square or rectangular shaped tables tend to hold symmetrical chair arrangements with the same number of chairs on each opposing side. This balance can be affected when an extra chair is added or when a space is left empty.

So, if the proportions are right for your room, a round table can be incredibly versatility, allowing you to alter the number of seats around the table with minimal impact on the overall aesthetics. The only difference is having more or less space in between each person. That said, since many new homes are without a separate dining area, you may need to put extra thought into planning the space for your furnishings to complement one another perfectly. A good starting point is to consider how much room you would like the dining table to occupy.

Selecting the dining table is crucial given how often it is used, and the visual impact it has on any space. Along with the size and shape of a dining table, you also want to consider style, to give your dining room and home a unique point of view.

Consistent Dining Chairs

A mistake people often make is not putting enough attention into selecting the dining room chairs. Not only should they be stylish and complement your dining table and interior décor, you also need to consider if they will sit your entire family in optimum comfort.

When deciding on what chair is right for you, prioritise what is most important to you, be it the quality of materials and finish, level of comfort or durability.

If you entertain often, something eye-catching and cushy like a velvet upholstered chair is a fantastic choice for guests. If you have kids, you will probably want a chair made of leather material as these are easy to clean and can endure some wear and tear. The chairs and table do not necessarily need to be part of a set, though. If anything, the preferred styling approach is to have chairs that mesh well with your table but not be exactly the same.

Matching the pieces of furniture has to do with establishing common elements within them. These shared elements can be tied to a certain style period, the colour undertones, the upholstery, the degree of formality or even just having identical legs. Think a marble table paired with bright yellow chairs that have matching steel sled legs.

Regardless of what kind of dining chairs you decide to go with, always bear in mind comfort as fit and finish or anything else is irrelevant if you do not actually want to sit on the chairs. But no matter which style you decide on, it is always important to prioritise chairs that actually provide users with peak comfort.

Accessible Buffet Hutch

Even the largest dining tables can sometimes run out of space.

A buffet hutch is a versatile piece that not only creates additional table surface for serving guests the extra dishes and cutlery during a grandiose reunion dinner, but also general storage for your china, tableware and linens.

A buffet hutch is a great multipurpose piece of dining room furniture that adds to your dining experience. If you have the space, a stylish buffet can make your dining room feel more complete. On top, you can display small artwork, set up a drink station or add an orange table lamp to create an ambience dining room. They also offer plenty of storage space underneath, often featuring a mix of cabinets and drawers. On a regular day, the concealed storage can be used to stash away extra crockery, linens and servings trays meant for serving guests. On special occasions, buffet hutches can serve a dual role to place food, drinks or tableware that do not fit on your main dining table so that guests can easily help themselves to what they want.

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