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Set The Alarm And Get Ready For Black Friday At Lifestyle Furniture

Set The Alarm And Get Ready For Black Friday At Lifestyle Furniture

   The biggest sale of the year is around the corner, and even interior lovers can get in on the savings with some of the best Black Friday furniture and decor deals ai Lifestyle Furniture in Fresno. Better yet, some of these décor sales last for the whole of November. Whether you’re looking to transform an entire room or just purchase a long-wanted piece, you won’t want to miss out on these discounts. Since purchasing furniture can sometimes be complicated and confusing, we have put together this guide in order to better inform you of the basics. While this guide is not exhaustive, it should better prepare you for your Black Friday shopping at the various furniture retailers. Read on and get those carts ready for some action!

What Is Black Friday?

  • History and Origin

Use of the name Black Friday to refer to the day after Thanksgiving reportedly began in Philadelphia in the 1950s. At the time, police officers in the city used the term internally in reference to the large crowds of pedestrians and vehicles that congested Philadelphia’s shopping district annually on that day. The throngs of people and cars resulted in accidents and often violence that required every officer to be on duty to keep order and manage the chaos.

The first published use of the term Black Friday was in a 1966 advertisement by a rare stamp dealer named Earl Apfelbaum located in Philadelphia. However, the term remained mostly regional until the early 2000s, with some increased use in the 1980s in other regions.

Initially, retailers resisted the name "Black Friday" because black days of the week have historically been used to describe negative events. A few examples include:

Black Monday, Oct. 19, 1987: Largest one-day drop in stock market history, when the Dow Jones index dropped 22 percent.

Black Thursday, Oct. 24, 1929: Stock market crash that is historically considered the start of the Great Depression.

Black Friday, Sept. 24, 1869: The original Black Friday was the crash of the U.S. gold market. At the time, gold was one of the primary trade markets, with investors from all income levels — most of whom were bankrupted as a result.


In an effort to shift away from the negative association with black days of the week, retailers created a new story for Black Friday. In accounting, business losses have traditionally been recorded in red ink and profits or gains in black ink. Many retailers would find themselves "in the red” by fall but would be boosted back “into the black” by the holiday shopping season.

To create a more positive association with Black Friday, retailers used this example as the meaning behind why Black Friday is called "Black Friday." Eventually, this meaning stuck and is more well-known among shoppers than the 1950s origin of the term.

  • What Does Black Friday Mean?

In the U.S., Thanksgiving Day is the fourth Thursday of November. The next day, Black Friday, is the most popular shopping holiday of the year, with many retailers reserving their deepest discounts and best sales of the year for that specific day.

Beginning in 2013 and 2014, more and more retailers began moving back the start time of their Black Friday deals from the early morning hours of Friday morning to the evening of Thanksgiving Day as a way to lengthen the most notable shopping day of the year. Some retailers have gone a step further, kicking off Black Friday sales as early as the Monday before Thanksgiving Day.

Black Friday Must: Plan Ahead

   Define a look for each room and stick with it. Whether the intended look is light and airy, minimal, or full of eclectic collectibles, antique tables and chairs, embrace that theme fully. Theme may be too strong a word, but a subtle combination of colors, complementary fabrics for furniture, even the country the furniture comes from, it’s age and air of antiquity, should blend in some way to create a warm space.

   A planned space can be as complex as fully visualizing every room, precisely picking out furniture of a certain style, or as simple as taking a single chair and matching other pieces based on the fabric, color and texture of that chair, bringing in carpets and wooden surfaces to match the design of that one chair. Some folk even have the knack of apparently throwing pieces of furniture together that shouldn’t match, but in some way, through a natural eye for form and function, everything fits into an eclectic, seemingly haphazard, shape of tables, chairs and couches, bringing comfort and flow to the room.


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   With this quick guide, you can furnish your new home or spruce up your apartment for next to nothing, but winging it is a risky move. Besides, being prepared can save you even more time and money. Here are three things to consider before the big day:

  • Splurge Budget

Set an amount that you feel comfortable spending on home décor this Black Friday. It is very easy to get swept up in amazing deals and overspend if you haven’t set clear limits.

  • Preferred Style

Pick an interior style to guide you as you shop for the best Black Friday furniture deals. You can use your existing interior or rely on interior images you adore most if you’re decorating a new place. This will eliminate the chance of buying things you end up disliking.

  • Interior Needs

Make a list of practical and ornamental items your interior needs. A rug, for instance, could be something practical you need if you don’t have one, while a captivating piece of art is purely aesthetic but can really make your home feel beautiful.

What to Shop For in a Black Friday Sale?

For those of us without the knack or eye to furnish a space with easily, shop based on both comfort level and function. A room starts with the placement of seating and surfaces for placing things on. Over the years, that room evolves to take on the personality of those who live there. Memorabilia appears on tables, glass cases, and more tables appear at edges of rooms, full of trophies, framed photographs and collectibles.


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A room is often a work in progress, starting with functional items of furniture, but growing into an extension of those who live, work and play in the house. New ideas form in the minds of the occupants, to replace the furniture with antique items from another period in history, Georgian or Victorian perhaps. If the house owner loves a certain part of the world, say Italy, they may invest in marble surfaces and import furniture with Italian influences.

There are few limits on furniture, just as there are few limits on our own personalities. Start small, bringing pieces from a previous home, aimed at function and comfort, but always aim to grow and develop a room, adding an occasional influence or accent from a journey, or reinvent the space with the personality and character of another time, another place.

  • Living Room Furniture

   Nothing says home for the holidays like a cozy living room setup! Christmas is just around the corner, and your Christmas tree deserves the perfect backdrop! If you’ve been meaning to buy a new couch, sectional, coffee table, or other living room furniture piece, you can get some amazing deals! Take advantage of our Black Friday sectional deals and Black Friday couch deals to transform your space at Lifestyle Furniture in Fresno.

  • Dining Room Furniture 

   The food shouldn’t be the only thing that impresses your guests in the dining room on Thanksgiving. If you’re planning on hosting at your home, make the most of these amazing deals and get a dining room set that will leave your guests in awe. Bringing the family together is a challenge at the best of times. The daily meals we eat is one such time, kids and parents sitting down to eat at a table full of hot plates of food and cold after dinner desserts. Get shopping to make sure everyone will have a seat at your table.  


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  • Bedroom Furniture

   Your bedroom says a lot about you! If you’ve outgrown the size or style of your current bed, take a look at our Black Friday bed sale. Whether you need to upgrade from a twin to a queen or simply want to take your decor in a different direction, Black Friday is a great time to save big on these kinds of purchases. 

  • Mattresses

   Your bedroom set and bedding may speak to your style, but your mattress does so much more. The holidays are a fun, but often exhausting, time, and nothing helps restore you like a restful night’s sleep! For many, a good mattress is a big investment purchase that requires planning and research. But if you want comfort on a budget, looking for a Black Friday mattress sale may be in your best interest. You can get amazing deals on memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring beds at Lifestyle Furniture!

  • Home Office Furniture

   A good workspace makes all the difference for productivity and creativity. The coronavirus pandemic left many of us unprepared for the new realities of schooling and working from home, but there’s still time to make the experience a positive one! If recent events have left you in need of a home office or homeschooling space, why not look for 2021 Black Friday furniture deals on desks, desk chairs, file cabinets, and lamps at Lifestyle Furniture in Fresno? 


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Frequently asked questions:

  • Does furniture go on sale during black friday?

Furniture usually is a top-selling category on Black Friday, and we expect that trend to hold this year. Whether you’re in the market for a new coffee table, sofa bed, or bookshelf, the biggest online stores are already dropping prices to offer the best Black Friday furniture deals. Check out our website for an up to 50% discount on furniture.

  • Is Black Friday a good time to buy furniture? 

Sure! This is the perfect time for you to make a big purchase like a new bed, sofa or table with an ideal price. Especially at Lifestyle Furniture, we offer an unbeatable price in Fresno and we will be competing with other retailers to offer the best deals.

What Can You Expect At Lifestyle Furniture?


  • Lovers of upscale interior décor will be happy to hear that Lifestyle Furniture’s covetable pieces will also be up for grabs in the upcoming Black Friday furniture sales. The sophisticated merchant offers up to 50 percent off on selected products. Check out the Black Friday Deals collection here!
  • Use Promo Code: BLACKVANITY for 20% off any vanity collection (online only).

Come visit us again when Black Friday is here, to see the rest of our amazing deals and discounts. We’re confident our product range has something to suit every style and budget. Keep our Black Friday deals page bookmarked or favorited!

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