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6 Factors to Choose Living Room Furniture

6 Factors to Choose Living Room Furniture

If you’re shopping for new living room furniture, there are a lot of things to consider. Before you make a final decision about this important investment, be sure to visit LifeStyle living room furniture store to help you get inspired. From the design and material to the brand name, it’s important to know exactly what you want when you’re looking for new furniture pieces. Read on for a list of six living room ideas that will help you choose the right products for your lifestyle and your needs.

white sofa chair near fireplace

1. Size Matters

It’s important to make sure that your new living room furniture will fit in proportion to the room. Measure the dimensions of your living room and write it down before you shop. Use this drawing and measurement as a guide to help you choose items that won’t make the room feel overcrowded or cramped. Sectionals or bulky tables that are too big can overtake the room, leaving little space for anything else. If you’re concerned about the size of your furniture, consider buying a complete set so that you know the total dimensions of everything all at once.

2. Comfort Rules the Day

While color and style are both crucial design-related living room ideas, you should never overlook comfort, either. If you spend a lot of time in this room, it’s important to pick out sofas and chairs that provide you with the comfort level you need. Thick foam cushions and oversized arms on sofas will ensure that you sit down on a comfortable seat. Visit our living room furniture store in Indianapolis to try out a few different products in person, so you make the right choice for you. Features like built-in recliners or adjustable headrests will definitely increase the comfort factor.

3. Determine Your Style

Living room furniture comes in all kinds of styles that can range from rustic and classic to modern. Think about the different styles that appeal to you the most, then use this as a guide when you shop. Modern furniture tends to have a sleeker silhouette, while classic or rustic furniture features natural materials or weathered, distressed finishes. Look at a few ideas online to give you a clear vision about which style suits you the best. Read interior design blogs or check out Pinterest to help you get some style inspiration.

4. Explore Different Materials

From tables and chairs to sectionals, take a close look at the different materials out there used to make furniture and accessories. Wood and metal are a good choice if you like the rustic or modern look. Soft fabric and organic textiles are perfect for a traditional living space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match materials if you prefer an eclectic look or enjoy boho-chic designs. Play around with fabrics and wood until you find furniture that features the perfect combination for your needs. Woven material like seagrass, bamboo, or jute is currently trending, too.

living room with brown wooden table and chairs

5. Don’t Forget Storage

Since the entire family probably hangs out in the living room a lot, it’s easy for this space to become cluttered. Make sure you include storage furniture on your list so that your living room stays neat and tidy. A storage bench or ottoman is an easy choice, but you can also find a variety of beautiful living room cabinets, too. Add a large entertainment center to your living room so you have a place to hide cords and cables. This furniture also gives you a place to store DVD movies, small electronics, and the remote control. The more storage options you have, the easier it will be to keep your busy living room organized.

6. Play with Colors and Patterns

There is no rule that says your living room has to be boring or that everything has to match. Have some fun when you design your living room and be sure to bring in a few fun colors or playful patterns. The easiest way to do this is by choosing furniture in a solid color, then adding layers of texture or artwork to bring more colors in. Hang a pair of velvet curtains in a rich jewel tone to give the living room a bold touch. A patterned area rug is a quick way to give the room a fresh touch, too.

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