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5 Rules For Rugs in Your Home

5 Rules For Rugs in Your Home

It’s always tempting to opt for a small rug especially when your budget is a little tighter than usual. After all, shaving off a square foot or two could end up saving you hundreds of euros or pounds in the long run, but is it beneficial to a room? Not really. Many interior designers will constantly remind us that the biggest decorating mistake you can make is choosing a rug too small for your space. But with so many sizes and designs available, it’s difficult to know whether you're picking the right one. Not only this, but you’ll want to ensure that when you do decide on one it changes the vibe in the intended room for the better. To help guide your rug decorating plan, Lifestyle Furniture has outlined some helpful tips below.

Karavia 1 Rug - Lifestyle Furniture

Bigger is Better

Picking the wrong rug size can change the vibe of a room in the worst way. Always consider the scale of the room and how much available floor space you have. Large rugs in a smaller room can help to maximize the space in a room and can also create harmony. Just think, the bigger the rug, the bigger the impact. Now, of course, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, large rugs will not work in an entryway, a small doormat would be much better instead. This is similar to the hallway, small and narrow hallways would benefit to a greater degree from a long runner instead of a large rug that creeps up the sides of the walls.

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Color is Key

When deciding on the color of a rug, it’s best to keep the color scheme of the entire room in mind. Pick hints of color from around the room to tie the whole look of the space together. Choose a color from the smaller home accessories such as cushions, throws, curtains, and wall art already featured in the room and use these to your advantage. 

If you still find you are doubting yourself when it comes to color, it’s best to keep it simple and safe. Introduce a neutral color with a minimalistic pattern.

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Designs & Patterns

Patterns and designs are a little trickier. Patterns add an element of interest to a room but it’s important not to overwhelm a space. Too many patterns can result in a confused miss-match of furnishings that don’t quite fit together. When this happens there is no flow and the eye is quite literally jumping from one item to the next. In essence, you won’t know where to look. To avoid clashing, refrain from overusing any stripes, geometric patterns, or any patterns really. If, for example, you have a pattern on your curtains and cushions, we would advise that you avoid using a pattern on your rug too.

Sedona 1 Rug - Lifestyle Furniture


If you know you will be walking barefoot on your chosen rug, try and opt for a soft material. This will be especially important in the bedroom and living room. These are usually the first two rooms a person will be without socks. After all, this is where people will feel most relaxed and comfortable. Choose a deep pile for ultimate comfort and stick to materials such as wool or cotton. Silk rugs are also luxurious but are not always readily available.

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Placement is just as important as the size, color, and design of a rug. Whether they’re bedroom rugs, living room rugs, or dining room rugs, they should all follow the same rule. You must sit on the feet of the furniture on the rug. This will make a room feel spacious and add warmth. With bedroom rugs, you should always try and place them two-thirds of the way under the bed. This places the bottom feet or base of the bed firmly on top of the rug. When it comes to living room rugs, a sofa or armchair, again, should have its front two legs on top of the rug. There is no need to push this rug two-thirds of the way back under the armchair or sofa, because, after all, you will need enough rug space for your coffee table. Dining room rugs, if large enough, are able to accommodate all dining furniture. Dining chairs and a dining table should have all their feet placed on the rug.

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See….it’s just that simple! Now, you needn't worry about choosing a rug for your home. Come to Lifestyle Furniture at Fresno, CA to have a closer look at our beautiful rugs or view our full range of rugs online here.

With these simple tips, you will be able to pick the best rug for your space and change the vibe of your room for the better.


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