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Dad Joke Contest Overview

Dad Joke Contest Overview

Father's Day is around the corner and this year we wanted to do something a little extra special and fun. We will be hosting a contest for the best dad jokes! Some may not know what a dad joke exactly is, but we are sure that you have heard one before. 

Prize: Rainer 3 Power Recliner Chair VALUE $395

Dad Joke Contest Prize - Rainer 3 Power Recliner Chair VALUE $395Dad Joke Contest Prize - Rainer 3 Power Recliner Chair VALUE $395

Here is a definition of what we mean by a dad joke. A dad joke is a short joke, typically a pun, presented as a one-liner or a question and answer, but not a narrative. Must be inoffensive, dad jokes are stereotypically told by fathers among family, either with sincere humorous intent, or to intentionally provoke a negative reaction to its overly-simplistic humor.

So basically a dad joke is a bad joke, but weirdly funny if that makes sense. Some examples of dad jokes are:

A ham sandwich walks into a bar and the bartender says… sorry we don’t serve food here.

I used to hate facial hair, but then it grew on me.

What do you call fake noodles?  An impasta 

Dad: I don’t trust those trees over there

Son: Why?   

Dad: They look shady.

Here is how the competition works. To enter in the contest the minimum entry is liking our facebook page and then commenting your best dad joke below our contest post on Facebook. It will be the post with the orange background posted on June 8th. You must be 18 years or older to enter. This is a local business so we want to keep this competition local so you have to live in Fresno County, Madera County, Kings County, & or Tulare County. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN JUNE 17TH 11:59PM.

Who can enter: 18+ years or older. Must live in Fresno County, Madera County, Kings County, or Tulare County 

How you win this competition is of course by having the best dad joke, but also there are other ways to score points just in case you are not the comedian in the family. We will be doing a points system. We will be tallying all the points you score when doing specific actions. The actions and points associated with them are listed below. 

Minimum Entry: 4 plus score of dad joke

  • Must Like Lifestyle Furniture Facebook page +2
  • Comment with your best dad joke under contest post +2
  • Dad Joke can score +5 - 10 points 

Extra Entries: 

  • Like Lifestyle Solar Facebook Page +2 
  • Sharing contest post on your Facebook story +3
  • Reposting contest post +3
  • Following us on Instagram +5
  • Making a video of you telling the joke & tagging us +10 

How we will pick the winner of this competition will be based on a few things. First, we will read all jokes thoughtfully and give our best dad impressions to really feel the joke. Jokes that are most reacted to will be given bonuses in scoring. Second, we will look at the actions taken by contestants and tally up all their points. Finally, the top five contestants with the highest points will then be solely judged by the funniest joke by the Lifestyle Furniture staff. Last one standing wins. All decisions and winners are final no if, ands, or buts. 

The winner will be announced on Father’s Day, June 20th.  The winner will have a week to claim the prize. If the winner does not come for the prize in a week after announcement a second place winner will be chosen for the prize and be given a week as well. If the second place winner does not show then the third place winner will be chosen etc. 

Good luck and have fun!

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