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Quick Ship Sofa & Sectionals! Buy Now

Caring for your new Leather Sofa, Loveseat, or Recliner

Leather is something you buy can buy for life. But since leather is a natural organic product, it can change and age over time. It’s essential to do some basic care to get the best aging over its life.

Easy and Simple Care

We recommend using leather condition every 1 to 2 years. Just like your skin, leather can dry and crack over time. To help minimize the cracks in your skin, moisturize it with a leather conditioner.

Wipe off any liquids as they occur

Please wipe off any liquids such as water, sofa, alcohol, or any other liquids quickly as they appear to preserve the color and finish of the leather. 

- For minor spills or spots, wipe off the liquid immediately with a clean cloth or sponge.

- If needed, please use a very lightly moistened cloth with lukewarm water to let the site air dry naturally.

Avoid Cleaning Solvents

Please avoid normal cleaning solvents such as detergents, household soap, or other chemical solvents.

- Do not use ammonia water, abrasive cleaners, oils, varnish, or furniture polish.

Sun Control

Just like your skin, the leather is sensitive to sun and can dry out quickly when directly exposed to the sun. Please keep the leather away from direct sunlight for the longest lasting aging look.


Dust your leather couch, chair, or loveseat with a microfiber cloth with barely damp cloth.