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The Right Light For Each Room In Your House

The Right Light For Each Room In Your House

Lighting is one of the most important design aspects of a home and more often than not, it’s something we barely even think about. When decorating a home, we tend to first focus on the walls, then the furniture, and finally the home accessories. It’s only really after the finishing touches have been added that we start to focus on the various lights and options available.

Ceiling lights, although common and useful, rarely exude the light needed to brighten an entire room so that means additional lighting is usually needed. Choosing between bedside lamps, desk lamps, and standing lamps is tough though. First, you will need to examine the room you plan to illuminate. In this blog, Lifestyle Furniture has compiled a list of the most common lighting types for each room in the house to make your decision easier. So, what are you waiting for? No Lighty, No Righty!


 brown wooden table near white wall

The hallway is a space that people typically just pass through. They won’t spend any real time in it so you can be a little braver with your lighting choices. You could make a real statement with an unusual or decorative pendant light hanging from the ceiling. A picture light could also work here as it could highlight a family portrait or an abstract piece of wall art.

Hallways are usually long and narrow which means floor space is already at a premium. Try to avoid floor lamps in this area as this will consume a great deal of that available space. Instead, opt for a table lamp to place on a narrow console table instead.


  brown wooden dining table with white chairs near kitchen

We like to think that everyone has come a long way from kitchen spotlights. Resist the temptation to fill that blank ceiling with those lights and instead choose accent lighting to highlight the workspace and table really well. Hanging pendant lights work best, position one above the kitchen island and the other above the dining table. Make sure to keep these on separate switches so you can control the atmosphere in each area. You will likely need a brighter white light above your counter to prep your food, whereas the dining area could benefit from a soft yellowish glow to emit a cosy and cocooning atmosphere.

Living Room

                     a living room filled with furniture and a large window

The living room is another room in the home that can benefit from a mix of ceiling lights and lamps. Here, you can really go wild. If you have an awkward corner that isn’t quite big enough to fit another armchair, why not include a floor lamp? This can make the room feel more purposefully laid out and not filled with blank areas that tend to create a cold and unwelcoming environment. For task lighting in the living space, opt for a table lamp that sits on a small lamp table next to a sofa or armchair. This is great for catching up on some reading or scrolling endlessly on your phone in the evening. To highlight family photos or art canvases, again, we suggest using picture lights. The mix of lighting types here really does help to add an element of interest to a room.


 Victor Classic - Lifestyle Furniture

You should never solely rely on a ceiling light to illuminate a bedroom. Bedside lamps placed on both sides of the bed are also required. You’ll be de”light”ed to hear though that once these are incorporated, you won’t require any more. A bedroom is supposed to be dim because that can dull your senses and create a warm and cosy atmosphere in which to drift off in. Your choice of bulb is extremely important here. Opt for bulbs that radiate a warm, yellowing light instead of a cool, bright light that is best suited for task rooms like a study.


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A home office calls for very good task lighting. This is where the light shines and focuses on one area where a task needs to be carried out. Here, a desk lamp and a secondary standing lamp would suffice. Don’t forget to include cool, bright lightbulbs here to help you to be productive and to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Your lighting will need to highlight different areas in every room in the home. We hope this blog will help you and give you a good sense of the appropriate lighting for each space.

Lifestyle Furniture has a large selection of lighting options to choose from, to view them all, click here or come to our store at 21 E Shaw, Fresno CA!

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