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Sofa Trends For 2024

Sofa Trends For 2024

   Arguably, one of the most important items of furniture in a home is the sofa. Sofas are used daily if not multiple times a day, and allow us to fully relax when the need arises. If your sofa happens to be on its last legs for next year, then this is the blog for you. Alternatively, you could use some of the tips below to bring your home into 2024 using smaller home accessories. So, let’s get started.

   Sofa Colour Trends
  In order to accurately represent the upcoming season, you’ll need to know the colours to look out for. To make it easier for you, I have put together a list of the trending colours in interiors for 2024:

Powder Blue.
Earthy Taupe.
Full-Bodied Red.
Lemon Sorbet Yellow.
Olive & Dark Green.

    Sofa Style Trends
   Low Profile Sofas
  It’s all about low-profile sofas in 2024. What most people don’t know about low couches is that they tend to look more modern and sophisticated. They can also provide the illusion of spaciousness in a small room because their low height can make the ceiling appear higher than it actually is. Just like with an office chair, a person’s feet should always touch the floor when seated. One last point that is worth mentioning is that your TV will impact whether you can or can’t accommodate a low-profile sofa. Not many people will think of this and it does impact your decision to invest in this sofa style.

 Melinda Sofa & Loveseat - Lifestyle Furniture

   Large Scale Sofas
 In somewhat of a contrast to the above statement, large-scale sofas are also popular in the New Year. This means big sectionals and chunky modular sofas are the ones worth investing in for 2024. Focus on bold L-shaped and corner sofas upholstered in the upcoming on-trend colours. The idea of making every room multipurpose not only intrigued us but was necessary for most of us too! Sofas that pieced together and could be made into a range of different shapes was something that offered us incredible versatility and just because the majority of us have returned to the office, that doesn’t mean that these aren’t as necessary as they once were.

   Pacific Grove - Lifestyle Furniture

   Tufted Sofas
 The Sofa above perfectly represents the upcoming trends of 2024. The tufted design is something completely new for us and quite frankly, we’re loving it! It invites people to come and sit on it all the while maintaining an elegance that is similar to that held by the most expensive sofas in the world. This plush style is perfect for a modern interior but would equally work well when styled more traditionally too!


 If you really want to impress for Sofa Trends 2024, just follow our advice above and remember to embrace your dark side. Need new furniture for winter? Come to visit us at 21 E Shaw Ave., Fresno or browse our website here for shopping online with a lot of available deals.

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