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How To Maintain Your Wall Art

How To Maintain Your Wall Art

It’s surprising what a piece of art can do for a home. This one simple addition is enough to completely transform the look and feel of a space. In short, it’s comparable to wearing beautiful clothing and footwear but completely ignoring the accessories that really set off the whole outfit. Of course, like anything, it’s possible to overdo it especially when wall art comes in so many different forms. You can choose from canvases, prints, paintings, digital art, and more.

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The best thing about artwork though is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. If we’re being totally honest, most of us will hang it up and then completely forget about it. This is only then revealed when we inevitably decide to repaint our rooms and see a large ring where the piece of art used to be. Still, there are ways to keep your pieces looking as vibrant as the first day you purchased them and we have listed them here for your convenience. Scroll below to discover them all!

Choose The Best Location

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Unfortunately, it’s not just as simple as choosing a spot for your wall art and hanging it. There are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration before you start nailing into the wall. First, you will want to make sure that the place you have primarily chosen is suitable for your piece. That means it will need to be positioned away from heavy moisture and harsh sunlight as this can affect the longevity of the piece. Even though most canvases have a moisture-resistant coating, it is always better to hang your wall art with less exposure to the elements.

Consider Height & Proportion

The key to maintaining your wall art has much to do with the height at which it’s positioned. The lower you hang your art, the more likely it is to be damaged. If you have young children, make sure to hang your art in an area where it can’t be continuously touched. Similarly, if your pets have a tendency to jump, bite, and scratch at anything in their vicinity, the appropriate height is definitely worth mapping out.

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Clean Your Artwork

It goes without saying that harsh chemicals and water should be avoided at all costs when cleaning your wall decor. All you ever really need is a lint-free microfibre cloth for framed-glass pieces and a very soft brush to remove any dust that has settled on a canvas. By not removing dust, you run the risk of causing irrepairable damage to your artwork.

Keep in mind that it’s not recommended to clean the glass in a framed piece with a wet cloth. Doing so can leave marks on the glass which will ultimately obstruct the view and even harm the glass in the long run.

Don’t forget to also care for the back of your frames. An occasional dusting will prevent any particles from harming your precious artwork.

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Frame Your Art

To frame or not to frame, that is the question! Framing is the one thing that can prolong the future life of your art pieces. Whether it’s a photograph, canvas, or print, it’s best to choose yours with a frame, especially if you plan to keep it for a very long time or hope to pass it down to future generations. Be careful though, framing isn’t always the best option. If done poorly, it can cause serious damage to your artwork. The frame might deteriorate which can cause a canvas to loosen up and form creases. Cracks could also appear on a painting if the framing isn’t sufficient.

Enlist The Help Of Professionals

While we have listed some basic maintenance tips here, we would still recommend enlisting the help of a professional if you are ever in doubt about how to clean your artwork. This is especially important if your wall decor is an antique or is worth quite a bit of money. You wouldn’t want to risk using the wrong equipment or cleaning products because this could potentially cause irreversible damage to your wall decor.

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Lifestyle Furniture is committed to helping you to maintain your furniture and home accessories to the highest standards. Now that you have all the tips you need to look after your wall art, you can spend the rest of your time browsing our large selection of wall art here.

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