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How To Keep Your Bedroom Cool During The Summer

How To Keep Your Bedroom Cool During The Summer

Summer is all about happy, memory-filled pastimes. If it’s not reminiscent of time spent lounging on the beach or sun-filled holidays with ice-creams then, quite frankly, you’re doing it wrong. Still, it’s not always enjoyable, unfortunately with the warm weather comes sweaty and sleepless nights. Sure, you can keep the window open to let some air flow through but this can lead to even less sleep with noisy outside sounds. The only thing to do is to tweak your bedroom’s furnishings. A few simple changes like these can help you to cool down and have a full and undisturbed night’s sleep. Luckily, to help with this, Lifestyle Furniture has put together a few simple tips that are sure to have you sleeping the whole night through. So, let’s begin!

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Switch Out Your Blankets

Throws and blankets are great for adding that much-needed warmth during the coldest time of year. For the rest of the year though, they can leave you sweating uncontrollably while you are trying to sleep. You only really have two choices here, one is to store these away in a blanket box until they are needed again or you could purchase a more lightweight alternative for the summer months. In our professional opinion, you would benefit more from the latter because a blanket will always add a bit of colour and texture to a plain duvet set.

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Switch Out Your Duvet

Have you ever heard of the terms summer duvet and winter duvet? Well, now you have. Just like with your blankets above, a duvet will also need adjusting during the warmer months. When it’s cold it’s important to invest in a high-tog duvet for your bed, this will ensure that you are kept adequately warm while sleeping. When you want to keep your body cool, opt for a low tog-duvet. Of course, a lower tog duvet isn’t just for summer, if you tend to heat up often during the night, regardless of the time of year, you might want to think about purchasing this light-weight duvet and using it year-round. Additionally, you should also consider mattresses with cooling capabilities.

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Consider Cooling Mattresses

If you have had your mattress for quite a while and it is no longer feeling supportive, it might be time to invest in a new one. Someone who tends to overheat during the night should consider mattresses with cooling features. Look for gel and latex fillings, these are incredibly cooling and will keep you cooler during the summer months too!

Cotton & Linen Are Your Best Friends

Avoid bed linen that is primarily made from polyester. Polyester is one of the hottest materials and should be avoided at all costs, especially when it comes to bed linen. Instead, choose bed linen made from cotton or linen, these are lightweight and will feel more comfortable and breathable.

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Pillows Are Tricky But Not Impossible

There isn’t much you can do to cool down your pillow. Swapping it out for another likely won’t do much but there is another solution you might not have heard of, until now. One simple thing you can do is to fill a hot water bottle with cool water and place it in the refrigerator for a while. Before bed, remove this from the fridge and place it in your pillowcase on top of your pillow. You’ll instantly cool down with this money-saving trick. Alternatively, you could invest in a gel-filled cooling mat instead, although this does mean dipping into your bank account again.

A Bedside Fan Is Essential

Let’s be honest, we’re not used to warm weather which is why we immediately feel unprepared when it arrives. We generally don’t have air conditioning to circulate cool air throughout our homes which means other, cheaper alternatives must be considered. A small bedside fan is inexpensive and will keep you cool all night long.

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Door open

Keeping the doors open to bedrooms will help to optimise airflow in your home. Think about it this way, a closed door will block air from moving freely throughout all the rooms. Once you get into the habit of leaving your bedroom door open every night, it will soon become a habit and mean that you end up resting easier at night.

Close Curtains & Blinds

Simply close your curtains or blinds in the bedroom during the day if the sun is shining directly into your room. This one simple trick can leave you with a cooler bedroom at night and a more comfortable night's sleep.

Now that you have all of the tips needed to ensure a full night’s sleep during this high-temperature weather, you can start thinking about other ways to enhance your bedroom.

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