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How To Create A Perfect Feng Shui Dining Room

How To Create A Perfect Feng Shui Dining Room

Behind every great meal is a great conversation. For most of us, our daily meals take place in our dining rooms. A room that has the power to build connections and bring us closer together. From a wine and cheese night with friends on a Friday, to a roast with your inlaws on a Sunday. A get together around food can have huge positive effects on your mental health. Lifestyle Furniture will give you a deeper look about dining room’s Feng Shui.

Wood Dining Set in Oak Finish - Lifestyle Furniture

Why is Feng Shui important in your Dining Room?

Ensuring your daily meals are spent around a dinner table can promote togetherness. If you are guilty of consuming your meal in under a minute or while watching television it may be time to change your dining habits. If you think about your current dining space, is the layout optimal for daily dining and does it have a calming atmosphere? Dining rooms play an integral part in our physical wellness, they are the place we use to get nourishment and refuel. It’s all about creating a place that feels energized and balanced. By using a few simple Feng Shui tips you can actively improve the positive vibes and energy around your dining room.

  1. Dining Room Colors

Opt for colors that are calm, relaxing and inviting. By using a certain tone or palette you can create a warm atmosphere and keep people in the room longer. When your colors are carefully thought out they can stimulate your appetite and make you feel at total ease. Think of earth tones and colors associated with food and cooking. This can include yellow, pastel colors, light browns, beige, sand and green. Stick to one color around the room and bring in other colors through accessories and decor.

brown woven round basket on glass table

Tip: Avoid loud or busy wallpaper or patterns, this can disturb a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Choose the Right Dining Table


Feng Shui favors rounded edges, this enables the energy to flow more freely. Sharp corners can disturb the energy flow, which causes stress and sometimes arguments. Round or oval dining tables also allow everyone to face each other at the table.

This light brown round dining table is a versatile piece and ideal for smaller spaces looking to have formal dinner parties, or in a loft apartment - Lifestyle Style

If you have a rectangle or square dining table don’t worry, you are in the majority. The goal is to have free-flowing energy that is not cut off by sharp corners. You can balance out the sharp edges with other elements in your dining room for example a round rug or rounded chairs to help you achieve a better flow.


It is important to go with the size that suits your dining room layout. The dining table should not be too small or too large for the room. Allow space around the dining table for people to move around. Place it in the middle of the dining room if you can at a slight angle and not directly in line with the wall as this can block energy flowing around the room.

black wooden table with chairs

Material and Quality

An unstable or wobbly dining table can create feelings of anxiety and nervousness. A dining table should be high quality and sturdy to stand the test of time. Feng Shui practice favors solid wood dining tables. This is associated with natural elements that increase positive energy and promote growth.

  1. Choose the Right Seating

Rounded dining chairs with a solid back are best practice in Feng Shui. By keeping every element of the dining table rounded you are avoiding energy blockages. You should have an even amount of dining chairs around your dining table. Store extra dining chairs that don’t equate to an even number.

warm tone counter height wood Dining Collection - Lifestyle Furniture

If possible, place dining chairs with their back facing the walls instead of a door or window. When the back of the chair is directly in line with a door or window, it can create feelings of insecurity. When you have guests over, always try to seat the oldest person in the commanding position which is furthest away from the door. This will help your guests relax and feel safe.

  1. Setting your table

Keep it simple, stick to two calming colors and simple shapes. Dinnerware comes in a variety of shapes, colors and patterns. If you love patterns but want to follow Feng Shui guidelines, choose one with two colors. Displaying fresh fruit and flowers can stimulate healthy habits and mindful eating.

brown wooden table with chairs

Busy patterns on the dining room table can splinter the chi. According to Feng Shui, vertical patterns symbolize uplifting energy.

Tip: Discard dinnerware with chips or cracks and keep your dinnerware in good condition.

  1. Lighting and Mirrors


Although mirrors are restricted in certain areas of the home in Feng Shui, they are welcomed in the dining room. A big mirror that reflects your meal and dining table promotes wealth. A mirror can soften the lighting and encourage positive energy in the dining room.

bold brown finish with leather upholstered side chairs dining set  - Lifestyle Furniture


Work with your natural lighting first and substitute poorly lit areas with artificial lighting. To achieve a calming atmosphere, soft, warm lighting is most effective when it comes to Feng Shui. Including lighting that allows you to adjust the light based on the time of day will give you the power to set the tone and the mood when eating your daily meals. For romance and happy relationships, add candles to create a glowing atmosphere.

  1. Artwork

Wall art that depicts food or drink can stimulate your appetite and improve your overall enjoyment while in the dining room. Avoid dull and dark artwork that depicts negative scenes. Include colorful artwork that will put you in a good mood.

Two Toned Upholstered Oak Dining Set - Lifestyle Furniture

To increase luck in your life, add symbols of water to your dining area. Clean, flowing water symbolizes luck, health and energy. If a water feature is not your thing you can use artwork to bring in the water element. A piece of artwork or picture that includes water will help boost your luck.

TIP: Avoid hanging a clock in the dining area, it is a constant reminder of the time passing by.


Now that you are armed with the best tips to achieve good Feng Shui in your dining room it’s time to get started. Don’t forget, the goal is to create a dining room that encourages a clear mind, good energy and relaxation while you dine. Visit Lifestyle Furniture to find your suitable dining room pieces.

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