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How Do You Know It’s Time To Replace Your Well-loved Family Sofa?

How Do You Know It’s Time To Replace Your Well-loved Family Sofa?

For many homeowners and renters alike, the living room sofa is the most popular piece of furniture in the home. The sofa is where the family gathers to discuss events of the day, chat about future plans, and unwind and relax after a busy day. Purchasing a new sofa is a big decision. When you start to suspect that it is time to replace your existing sofa, you might have some questions.

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How do you know it’s time to replace your well-loved family sofa? There are a number of indicators, from creaks and stains to dated fabric. At Lifestyle Furniture, we’re all about taking your home and your decor to the next level. We’ve rounded up this list of the top 10 telltale signs that it might be time for your old sofa to go out the door.

  1. The Sofa Shows Significant Wear and Tear

The number one sign that it is time to replace your sofa is significant wear and tear. It is normal for any family sofa to develop signs of aging over time, from worn spots on the cushions to rubbing on the armrests. While every homeowner must decide for themselves what they are comfortable with in terms of wear and tear, in general, if the wear and tear become visible, it might be a good idea to start shopping for a new sofa. A few common signs of wear and tear include:

  • Scuffs or scratches in the fabric or leather.
  • Discoloration in the cushions or the couch fabric.
  • Tears or rips in the fabric of the sofa.
  • Broken or damaged couch legs.

Once you notice any of these signs of wear and tear, you should start looking into a new sofa. You might be tempted to take your couch in for repair, but consider that repairing an old piece of furniture is generally not as cost effective as purchasing a new piece.

  1. The Cushions are Sagging

One of the most common signs of aging for any sofa are sagging cushions in the sofa’s seat and back. Sofas will sometimes sag overtime due to worn cushion foam, old springs or a deteriorating frame. It can be tricky to identify the culprit of a sagging sofa, but you can try to do so by removing the cushions to examine the frame for defects. The quality of your sofa is another factor in cushion sagging. High-quality sofas are less likely to show sagging within the first 10 years after purchase.

Some homeowners opt to replace the foam in their sofa’s cushions, however, this can be a tedious task. And it can be challenging to completely restore the look of your sofa using this method. If you notice significant sagging in your sofa, it’s best to avoid a time-consuming DIY project and start shopping for something new.

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  1. The Fabric is Dated

Everyone has their own distinct style, and regardless of your personal taste, you’re bound to find a sofa to suit. Still, if your current sofa feels a little bit too dated for your taste, you might be itching to replace it with one that is more suitable to your home aesthetic. You might have inherited your sofa from a friend or family member, or it might be a color or design that was in vogue a few years ago but no longer fits your vision of your home.

In general, neutral colored sofas are the most popular option for many homes. Beige, gray, or soft blue are appealing colors that allow you to match your decor to the space around it. Whatever your vision, if your current sofa doesn’t quite match what you want the space to represent, then that is a sign that you should consider purchasing a brand new sofa, in a fabric that speaks to you.

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  1. The Overall Style is Dated

Furniture styles come and go just as they do in clothing and fashion. Although the sofa you purchased 10 years ago might still be in great shape, its style could be outdated. In recent years, the following sofa trends have been considered to be in style:

  • Soft, curved silhouettes
  • Rich, bright colors
  • Warm brown hues
  • Metallic accents
  • Natural materials
  • Modular configurations
  • Layered textures
  • Eye-catching details

This list isn’t a definitive guide for assessing the style of your sofa, but it should give you a good start. If you’ve noticed that your own style has changed and your furniture’s style hasn’t, it might be time to start shopping around. Remember, a well-designed living room will match your personal tastes, acting as a reflection of your true style.

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  1. The Old Sofa Doesn’t Fit the New Space

There’s nothing more exciting than moving into a new home. After the dust has settled and the boxes have been put away, you might evaluate your furniture and discover that your old sofa no longer fits the new space very well. Starting a new life in a brand new home is a big change, and many homeowners decide that in order to experience a total reset, it is a good idea to buy new furniture. Buying new furniture for your house allows you to perfectly customize each room to your exact specifications, bringing to life your vision of your dream home.

Imagine the thrill of settling into a brand new sofa while enjoying a cup of coffee or glass of wine in your new home, and you might just feel inspired to start browsing for a spacious sectional or cozy loveseat immediately.

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  1. You’ve Got Your Eye on a New Sofa

If you’ve fallen in love with a new sofa, or if you have been thinking ahead of what a new sofa might look like in your home, that’s an indication that you should go ahead and start the process of purchasing your dream couch or sectional. Maybe you have been browsing Pinterest for a few weeks in search of ideas or inspiration, or have been asking family and friends about their favorite design trends.

Alternatively, if you want a new sofa but don’t know where to begin, make sure to follow Lifestyle Furniture on social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest. We post ideas and inspiration for all tastes, from tasteful living room designs to brand-new furniture arrivals guaranteed to spark your creative fire. Whether you have an idea for exactly what you want your new sofa to look like or need some ideas to get the process started, Lifestyle Furniture can help.

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  1. You’re Embarrassed by Your Sofa

Having guests over allows you to experience the thrill of human connection and catch up on shared memories. However, if you feel embarrassed by your worn-out sofa, you might not be able to fully enjoy your guests or be able to relax during their visit. You could experience anxiety or frustration, or even feel the need to explain why your sofa shows signs of wear and tear. If any of this applies to you, consider shopping for a brand-new sofa. With a beautiful new sofa in your living room or sitting area, you’ll be able to welcome friends and family with excitement and joy once again.

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  1. The Sofa has an Odor

It is normal for furniture to develop odors from time to time, whether due to food spillage or pets in the home. You might clean your sofa and other furniture on a regular basis with various household cleaners, or even utilize fabric-safe sprays in order to create an inviting atmosphere and minimize any sort of bad smell. Still, if your sofa has any sort of persistent odor that just won’t go away, it could be a sign of a deeper problem. There are a lot of reasons why a sofa could develop a smell. A few reasons include:

  • Pet odors
  • Damp clothing
  • Bacterial growth
  • Chemicals

There are a number of ways to treat bad smells in furniture at home, using DIY remedies such as cleaning with baking soda. However, if your sofa really does have a serious odor issue such as bacterial growth, short-term fixes like spot cleaning might not do the trick. It is a good idea to call in a professional to take a look at your sofa and possibly do a deep clean, just to ensure that it can’t be fixed. If, after this step, you realize that the smell is there to stay, it’s time to start shopping for a new sofa.

Be sure to maintain your new sofa by regularly spot cleaning it with an appropriate furniture cleaner. Always patch test any new cleaner before applying it to your sofa directly, that way you can be sure it won’t stain or damage the material. Be cautious of using sprays or air fresheners directly on the sofa itself. Instead, spray air freshener up into the air, allowing it to settle in the room naturally.

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  1. The Sofa is Creaky or Loud

Loud, creaky sounds detract from the purpose of a sofa: somewhere you can relax in peace. There are a lot of reasons why a sofa might suddenly start to creak, and many of these reasons are mechanical. Your sofa could have cracked joints, a crack in the wood, or broken springs. Some of these issues can be fixed by a handyman or other home care professional, but keep in mind that the cost of fixing a sofa can be upwards of several hundred dollars or more.

It might ultimately be more economical (and more fun!) to opt for purchasing a new sofa instead of fixing the broken one. If you find yourself frustrated by the creaking or popping from your sofa, start browsing new designs at Lifestyle Furniture. You’re sure to find a quiet, comfortable sofa that perfectly complements your home.

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  1. It’s No Longer the Most Comfortable Seat in the House

All of the factors we’ve covered above can lead to a general discomfort when using your sofa. You might notice that after spending time sitting on your sofa, you end up with a sore back or neck. Alternatively, after waking up from an afternoon nap, you might find yourself sinking into your sofa. Physical discomfort, wobbly legs and worn out fabric all detract from the coziness of your sofa and living room as a whole.

Your sofa should be a place where you can retire after a long day of work. Don’t relegate yourself to suffering from back pain and bodily discomfort caused by your sofa. If you find that your sofa is no longer the most comfortable seat in the house, this is your sign to treat yourself to a new, supportive sofa!

Rington 2 Granite (Grey) is a great option for those who want to stay on the modern side, yet comfortable.  - Lifestyle Furniture

Find a Stylish New Sofa at Lifestyle

Whatever your personal style, whether you go for modern farmhouse or minimalist chic, Lifestyle Furniture has something to suit. Our vast selection of beautiful sofas, sectionals, and loveseats offer up options for every budget and every design consideration. If you are looking for a new sofa for your home, visit Lifestyle Furniture today.

If you are just starting on your journey to curating a beautiful home, why not use our home inspiration blog as a reference point. We provide a wide variety of home decor and design tips for every room in your home, from setting up a striking dining room to decorating a coffee table based on the size of your home. Make sure to follow Star Furniture on social media to get updates when new blog posts go live and to see all of the beautiful new pieces that roll into our showrooms. We can’t wait to help you create the home of your dreams!

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