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Tips for Making Your Home a Getaway in Summer

Tips for Making Your Home a Getaway in Summer

Most of us look back to our childhood summer days with a feeling of nostalgia. Even if we weren’t doing anything particularly special, it probably felt good to be able to do exactly what we wanted, without having to follow a school schedule. As adults, however, summers don’t hold the same appeal. After all, we don’t get the luxury of an entire summer off from work. Even when we do take a holiday, things can get stressful with so many moving parts and unexpected obstacles.

Instead of a hectic vacation, camping trip or road trip, it might be more relaxing and more enjoyable to have a staycation in your own home. In order to do this, you’ll want to set up your home in a way that’s conducive to leisure activities for adults as well as children.

Fortunately, Lifestyle Furniture can help you set up your home so that it’s as comfortable as any vacation destination. Plus, you’ll have the advantage of picking furniture that appeals to your aesthetic sense.

Sophia Sectional - Lifestyle Furniture

Elevate the Family Room

Whether you have a small family or a large one, the family room is going to be a focal point of your home, especially during a staycation.

It’s important to keep your family room comfortable, with a large sofa or sectional that you can just sink into. Be sure to make an informed decision between leather and fabric-upholstered seating for this room. Scatter a few plush cushions around the living room and add a couple of throws to help you get cozy. A chaise lounge can also be a good addition to your family room if you enjoy reading.

Your family room can be used for hanging out with your family, entertaining friends or just getting comfortable and reading a mystery novel while enjoying a glass of wine.

The Buffy features a rich, microfiber upholstery, its sturdy steel frame and dual power reclining mechanism guarantee comfort and relaxation.

Set Up a Home Theater

A home theater can quickly become one of the most-used spaces in your home. You can use a separate room for the home theater or combine it with your family room or game room.

To begin with, start with a home theater, large screen TV (the larger, the better) and a sectional or a few recliners. If possible, you can use a console table to conveniently serve popcorn, candy and drinks during fun family movie nights.

This is a great staycation activity for kids as well as adults. If you’re in the mood to do some entertaining, you can also invite your friends or your kids’ friends over to watch a movie together.

The K2 is made of polyester fabric that gives it a classy look. The set can be fitted in any formal or casual setting based on your interior decoration ideas.

Organize a Game Room

Games are a great way to pass the time on a staycation. And there are so many games you can set up at home. If you want to play card games or board games, explore the idea of purchasing a gaming table. A gaming table is usually made with built-in cup holders, chip holders, and other unique features. Optionally, go all out and invest in a gaming set complete with a table and four swivel chairs. A full set like this will take your family game nights to the next level!

Plan a Romantic Night In

Many people book romantic weekends at bed and breakfasts, but what if you could give yourself a B&B experience at home? Creating a romantic, relaxing space in your bedroom can give your staycation an edge.

Napa Valley - Lifestyle Furniture

You can start by investing in the perfect bed for your bedroom. Make sure to find a bed that’s large enough for you and your partner, depending on your sleeping style. In terms of style, there are many to choose from, but a bed with an upholstered headboard is likely to give a more soft, intimate feeling to your bedroom. The same goes for upholstered chairs and benches.

Furniture with an antique look will also add to the feeling that you’re on a romantic getaway. Add some dim lighting, champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries to give your romantic staycation a finishing touch.

Reservations Not Required

Going out to eat can be fun, but sometimes, you don’t want to make reservations and get dressed up to go somewhere fancy. Maybe you’d rather stay in, wear something comfortable and make a home-cooked meal. It makes sense to involve all your family members in the cooking process during your staycation. You’ll be making memories that will stay with you for a long time to come.

Victor Classic Dining 6 PC - 2 Upholstered, 2 Woodback, Table & Bench - Lifestyle Furniture

To get your home ready for this staycation activity, you’ll want to start with a charming dining set. Based on the style of your home, carefully choose a style, shape and size for your set. Take into consideration whether you prefer upholstered versus wood seating. Additionally, slide a fitting area rug under your dining set for extra comfort. A sideboard can also be a good, practical addition to your dining room to accommodate serving a large group of people.

Blur the Lines Between Inside and Out

Finish off your at-home staycation setup by bringing in a touch of the outdoors. To do so, follow the below tips for incorporating natural elements in your home’s design:

  • Add lush, green potted plants throughout your space
  • Go with an earthy color palette
  • Accessorize with nature-inspired artwork and decor
  • Choose organic, textured upholstery when possible

Of course, a natural look isn’t limited to just one type. You might feel inspired by the beaches of the Caribbean, or the crests of the Great Smoky Mountains. Take the time to decide what kind of outdoor look speaks to your preferences, then get to decorating!

Design a Staycation-Ready Home With Us

Tailor your at-home staycation setup to your particular needs. If you enjoy reading, then set up a library. If you enjoy movies, then a home theater makes sense. If you’re a great cook who likes to entertain, take your dining room to the next level. Once you have your home ready, enjoy your all-summer staycation! Even when summer is over, you’ll be able to relax into shorter staycations on the weekends.

This summer, take the first steps towards a staycation-worthy space with help from the design experts at Lifestyle! At our stores, you’ll find everything you need to get your home ready for fun and relaxation all year long. Explore our showrooms today and find the furniture you want and the styles you love.

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