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Christmas Decorating Trends For 2022

Christmas Decorating Trends For 2022

We know, we know, we have just mentioned the “c” word and it’s only October. In our defense though, Christmas has been overtaking Halloween for many years now. There are even Xmas whispers and shop openings as early as September now, and to be honest, we’re not against it. We love this festive holiday, and it should come as no surprise that Lifestyle Furniture has an indisputable passion for everything Christmas. From sparkly baubles and light-up ornaments to Christmas trees, we know exactly how to stage the perfect at-home winter wonderland. This blog has been created to help those of you at home who want to decorate your homes for Xmas but to a professional yet magical standard. 

The first decision you will need to make to begin making your own indoor North Pole is to pick a theme. Thankfully, we have laid out the most popular Xmas color schemes for 2022, so all you have to do is choose one from the list below and follow our helpful tips.

Traditional Red & Gold Theme

    a large christmas tree in a building

We had to start this blog with a traditional red and gold theme because year after year this classic look makes an appearance. This is one of the most cost-effective color schemes you can choose because you can almost guarantee that it will remain relevant and on-trend for as long as you need it to. Quite frankly, this classic look never disappoints. This Christmas theme uses bold and fresh colors to make a statement. Vibrant reds and rich greens are combined with gold and wooden accents to create a young yet cheerful vibe. This theme is also extremely versatile, meaning it can be included in almost every room in the home during the holiday season and does not look even a slight bit out of place. In the living room, these colors can be incorporated by using baubles on your Christmas tree, through your Christmas ornaments, and sprinkling ribbons and sprays throughout your fireplace garland.

Don’t forget to use pinecones, reindeer decorations, berry sprays, and tartan patterns to really accentuate this woodland, traditional theme.

Silent Night Silver Theme

  green christmas tree on brown wooden table

The second most popular theme is a relaxed yet contemporary silver theme. With advancements in technology and an increased number of cars on the roads, some are finding the world to be louder and more hectic than ever before. Unfortunately, this is only amplified during the Christmas season. Panicked shoppers will rush from one store to another trying to find the perfect gift for their special someone. A red and gold theme isn’t suitable for everyone, especially those who just want to come home to a calm and simple Xmas decor. These individuals long for silence and tranquility which fortunately for them can be found with this beautiful theme. Soft shades of silver are paired with natural creams and light gold to provide coziness and relaxation.

For the ultimate silver look, we suggest investing in some Christmas candles as well as a snow-covered Christmas tree. This frosted tree look and candles will not only add to your silver baubles and Christmas decorations but also make you feel warm and cozy. This color scheme is also subtle enough to be used throughout the home whether it’s a bedroom, living room, or dining room and is the perfect balance of both warm and cold.

Romantic Pink Winter Theme

Sherwood Christmas Tree with romantic pink theme from EZ Living Furniture.

When a pink Xmas theme appeared, we’ll be honest, we were skeptical about it. Was it going to be a fleeting trend that lasted one holiday season, or would it become a permanent fixture? We are delighted to confirm that latter because honestly, it’s beautiful. There are a number of colors that you can expect to find as part of this theme. Delicate rose gold tones are combined with soft pink hues to create a dreamy and romantic mood. In this cold season and for a little texture, pinky-gold glitter is often accompanied to transport us into a sparkling winter world. There are many ways to bring this Christmas color scheme into your home and even if you find yourself slightly overdoing it, that’s ok too because pink is not just a color, it’s an attitude.

Chilled Silver & Blue Theme

Rockefeller Christmas Tree with silver and blue Christmas theme 2022.

Similar to the “Silent Night Silver Theme” above, this is a very subtle and relaxing look. Chilling light blues are mixed with frosted silver and off-white shades for a very modern Xmas decor. Hints of gold and light-up Christmas figurines can also be added for a slight bit of warmth. Glitter sprays and Xmas tree lights can help to fill some of the gaps that often appear between the branches of Christmas trees when fully flocked and will add that extra something to this magical look. A garland with pearl accents and pinecones blends effortlessly with this theme, as seen above. In the dining room, a white table runner can set the tone for your silver and blue theme. Silver reindeer candle holders can hold their own in the middle of the table next to a makeshift centerpiece that is LED candles, blue baubles and a pearl and pine wreath.

Glamor-Filled Gold & Green Theme

child standing in front of Christmas tree with string lights

A Christmas gold and green theme is dazzling and radiant. Olive greens are partnered with glittering golds to transform a living room into a warm and elegant space. This color scheme has been around for many years and is as traditional as our red and gold theme, but somehow not as popular and we’re not quite sure why. This may be because there is one primary color as opposed to multiple complementary shades, however, this could be seen as a cost-effective measure. Christmas trees are already available in beautiful green colors which means only gold baubles are needed to start your green and gold theme for 2022.

Christmas has never looked so good if we do say so ourselves. Now that you’ve chosen your preferred Christmas theme for 2022, it’s time to get started with the decorating process.

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