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Quick Ship Sofa & Sectionals! Buy Now
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Ashely Furniture is one of the most recognizable furniture brands worldwide. Ashely Furniture was founded by Carlyle Weinberger in Chicago in 1945. They first specialized in wooden occasional furniture and sold their goods to local companies. By the mid-1980s, Ashley's furniture sales reached $12 million and offered roughly 350 different furniture products. 

Wooden Dining Sets by Ashley Furniture sold by Lifestyle Furniture:

The Amador dining room table set’s wonderfully clean-lined profile is dramatically enriched with a complex, burnished finish loaded with tonal variation and rustically refined character. Upholstered ladderback chairs are such a classic, while comfortably cushioned bench brings a modern sensibility to the table.  

Very quickly Ashley Furniture became retailers favorite furniture manufactures and began working with Levitz Furniture, Sears, Kmart, and Montgomery Ward and doubled their sales to $44 million. Today Ashley Furniture is composed of corporate owned stores and independently owned stores with licenses to sell Ashely Furniture products exclusively, including mattresses accessories.

Bedroom sets by Ashley Furniture sold by Lifestyle Furniture 


Lifestyle Furniture has been selling Ashley Furniture for over 10 years and have established a very happy and healthy business relationship. As a result Ashely and Lifestyle have become featured business partners and now can provide Ashely Furniture Collections in bulk and continuously provide them at a lower cost than any other furniture store in Fresno. 

Visit the largest Ashley Furniture collection in Fresno and shop till you drop knowing you are getting the best deal! 

Ashley Furniture Collection

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