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6 Bed Styles and How to Choose One for Your Bedroom

6 Bed Styles and How to Choose One for Your Bedroom

There Is nothing coming home to a relaxing space that perfectly aligns with your style. There are lots of different ways to make your bedroom a peaceful room where you can sleep, recharge, and get away from the worries of the day. One of the most important aspects of your bedroom is the bed itself, now more than ever before, we know the importance of deep sleep for health and mental well-being. Choosing the right option from different styles of beds, from functional storage beds to luxurious sleigh beds, can set the stage for a restful night. In this guide, we explore several popular styles of beds so you can imagine each one in your bedroom. Along the way, we’ll discuss the benefits of each style so you can choose the one you love best.

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Components of a Bed

Beds are made of several different elements: the mattress, the box spring (sometimes optional), the support structure for the mattress, and the bed frame. Bed frames are the visible, generally rectangular frame that you can see around the mattress. Depending on the style, it might include a headboard, a footboard, legs, or solid storage compartments under the body. It can be made from finished wood, polished metal, fabric and foam covered structures, and other materials. When you’re imagining a stylish new bed for a room, one of the most important style elements is the bed frame.

These are six of the most popular bed styles in today’s bedrooms:

Rich, Sturdy Sleigh Beds

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When you imagine a luxurious sleep oasis, full of rich decor or antique splendor, you probably imagine a sleigh bed. Sleigh beds have headboards and footboards, each one curving outward to mimic the appearance of a horse-drawn sleigh. This style of bed draws the eye and takes center stage in a bedroom because of its sweeping style and large size. Traditionally, sleigh beds are constructed from richly colored woods like walnut, oak, or mahogany, with ornate carvings or beautifully rounded lines. 

Classic Four Poster Beds

Four poster beds define the sleeping space with a tall, decorative post at each corner of the bed. They typically include a decorated, beautifully detailed headboard and a solid footboard, with the four posts rising to an equal height. Some four post beds also have a top frame running from post to post, giving definition to the space far above the bed. This style of bed is a great option if you have a large bedroom and want a cozy space.

Whimsical or Striking Canopy Beds

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Canopy beds are very similar to four poster beds. Rather than just having four posts or a top frame, however, they have a canopy: curtains and fabric that drape across the top and sides of the bed. If you live in a cold climate, canopy beds are the perfect way to stay warm at night: simply draw thick curtains closed around you for a toasty night's sleep. Canopy beds can also have light-blocking curtains so you can sleep undisturbed or thick, sound-muffling curtains if you love to sleep in or live in a bustling neighborhood.

Canopy beds are available in a wide range of styles, from whimsically complex metal frames to elaborately engraved wooden frames. The chic, modern twist on canopy beds is a thick frame of wood with minimalist style and sleek lines.

Airy and Ornate Open Frame Beds

From thin, chic slats to curved, flowery patterns, open frame beds are a decor piece themselves. They’re constructed from metal and play with empty space to create outlines of designs that showcase your style. This option is perfect if you have a compact space but still want a unique-looking bed frame. They’re also lightweight and easy to move without sacrificing comfort or sturdiness.

Textured and Tufted Upholstered Beds

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Upholstered beds are often compared to sleigh beds: they feature grand headboards and defined footboards. But rather than polished wood, the pieces are upholstered with beautiful fabrics. You can choose from a wide range of materials, patterns, and colors based on your favorite color palettes. Tufted upholstered beds have a classic design of buttons pressing down diamond points in the fabric to create a three-dimensional tufted look.

Modern, Functional Storage Beds

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If you have a compact bedroom or you simply want a lot of storage without any visible clutter, a storage bed may be a perfect choice. These beds have drawers along the sides or foot of the bed so you can keep blankets, pajamas, or other clothing close at hand. You can store seasonal items, completely eliminate the need for a dresser, or just enjoy extra space that keeps your bedroom clean and serene.

Visible Bookcases for an Organized Space

Another feature that modern storage beds often have is extra shelving or cabinets in the headboard. You can use this space in lieu of a nightstand table for books, glasses, and an alarm clock. The possibilities are endless and can free up a lot of foot space in your bedroom!

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Save Even More Space With a Murphy Bed

For a fun twist on storage beds, opt for a Murphy-style bed that folds up against the wall when it’;s not in use. This is a popular choice for guest rooms that double as offices or hobby rooms. It can also be a great space-saver if your bedroom doubles as a work area.

Add Even More Style With Wingback Options

For even more character and definition, some upholstered beds have wingbacks affixed to the vertical edges of the headboard. These corner elements create additional flair; they also add support for multi-layered pillow displays to take your bed to the next level.

What About Mattress Support: Panel Beds vs. Platform Beds

As you’re selecting your bed, also consider the type of support structure the specific model offers. Panel beds have slats that run from one side of the frame to another. Rather than supporting a mattress directly, they often support a box spring—a solid elevated platform for the mattress. Platform beds, on the other hand, have a pre-built solid platform, with no box spring required. Most bed frames come in styles that offer either option. But keeping your preferences in mind can help you zero in on the perfect bed without any surprise complications down the line.

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Looking for the perfect bed to create a cozy, chic, or sophisticated bedroom that suits your style? You can do it, and we’re here to help. At Lifestyle Furniture, we provide ideas, interior design advice, and the beautiful beds and other furniture pieces to bring your vision to life.

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