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Some Seating Ideas For Your Living Room

Some Seating Ideas For Your Living Room

Your living room isn’t just the place your family gathers together to unwind every night, it’s also the place where your family and friends come together when you entertain guests for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations. In this post, we will discuss some living room seating ideas that can help you take your design and your hosting to the next level! 

Get Cozy with a Loveseat

Looking for seating ideas for a small living room? Loveseats are a great seating option when you’re short on space in your living room. Unlike sofas and sectionals, which have three or more cushions, loveseats tend to offer only one or two cushions, and are best suited for seating one to two people. Because of their small size, loveseats can easily fit in even the most awkwardly shaped living rooms, and unlike accent chairs, they offer you some extra space to spread out.

Caladeron - Lifestyle Furniture

As their name implies, loveseats can also be a great seating option for couples, since they give you enough space to sit together while keeping you close enough to snuggle. While loveseats work great in small living rooms, they can also be a great addition to larger ones. In fact, many living room sets include a matching loveseat to place adjacent to your sofa for a more curated look. However you decide to use your loveseat, you’ll find that they can be a great addition to your living room design. Browse the Lifestyle Furniture’s loveseat collection here.

Bring Everyone Together with a Sectional

When it comes to living room seating ideas, it’s hard to beat the inherent comfort of a large sectional sofa. If you’re hanging out with the immediate family, there’s plenty of room for everyone to spread out and get comfortable. If you’re having people over, sectionals naturally offer extra seating and a built-in conversation area that makes it easy for your guests to keep the party going.

Asher Sectional - Lifestyle Furniture

Plus, if you choose a modular sectional, you’ll have the flexibility to rearrange the pieces into different configurations whenever your seating or design needs change. Because sectionals come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, you’ll have no problem finding the sectional sofa that fits your exact needs. Whether you’re looking for a power reclining sectional to take your movie night to the next level or a small modern sectional to match your mid-modern design, a sectional sofa can go a long way toward helping you create the living room of your dreams. Need help choosing a sectional? Our sectional sofa collection can help!

Bring on the Bench Seating

Utilizing all of the space in your living room can be a challenge, especially if you’re decorating an awkwardly shaped living room. That’s why one of our favorite living room seating ideas involves putting a stylish bench behind your sofa. Not only are benches the ideal depth and shape for behind the sofa, but they also have multifunctional uses. If you choose a storage bench seat, for example, you can use the bench as extra seating and extra storage. If you have photos, trinkets, plants, or other items to display, the bench can double as seating when you need it and a display area when you don’t. Just make sure that if you’re entertaining guests who might need a place to sit over the course of the evening that you remove the display items, throw a pillow or blanket on top for visual interest, and let your guests take advantage of the extra space.

Carondelet Accent Bench - Lifestyle Furniture

Not sure which type of bench to choose? Think about both function and form. A stylish wood bench is great for displaying objects but might not be as comfortable if guests are sitting on it for hours at a time. In addition to being stylish, upholstered benches have a little extra cushion, which means they can be more comfortable for guests. But depending on the material, you may be limited in what you can display on the bench when it’s not in use. If you’re worried about containing the clutter in your living room, it might make sense to go with a storage bench. That way, you can use it to store toys and puzzles, reading material, shoes, blankets, or anything else that’s taking up space in the room.

Swap Your Coffee Table for a Cocktail Ottoman

When it comes to living room seating ideas, swapping out your coffee table for a cocktail table is a great way to add extra seating without taking up extra space in your living room. Because cocktail ottomans can serve multiple functions, they’re more versatile than traditional coffee tables. You can use them as a surface for holding beverages, a table for playing board games, a comfortable spot to rest your feet while you watch TV, and extra seating when you’re entertaining guests for the holidays or other celebrations.

Bowen - Lifestyle Furniture

Many cocktail ottomans even come with built-in storage for blankets, games, puzzles, crafting materials, and any other items you want to keep out of sight when people are over. Plus, cocktail ottomans come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles so you can find the one that best fits your unique design needs.

Double Up on Accent Chairs

While accent chairs, by definition, have a role beyond function, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used as extra seating in your living room. In fact, doubling up on accent chairs can be a great way to add style, sophistication, and an additional place to sit in your living room.

Make your home cozy, stylish and oh-so comfortable with this casually-contemporary sectional. Conveniently shaped sectional allows for maximum seating flexibility.

To get started, you’ll want to choose a set of accent chairs that complement the décor, create a focal point, or add a splash of color or pattern to the room. Then, decide where it makes the most sense to place them side by side. Not only does doubling up on accent chairs add symmetry to the room, but they make it easy to fill an empty corner in your living room. That way, when guests are over to celebrate, you’ll have a built-in conversation area that also adds visual interest to your living room design.

Sprinkle in Some Pouf Seating

Poufs are short, solid cushions that sit directly on the ground and can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking to add some extra seating, a stylish accent piece, a comfortable place to prop your feet, or a smooth surface to hold drinks and reading material, poufs can help you get the job done. As far as living room seating ideas go, poufs can be used to create additional seating areas in your home that can easily be rearranged depending on your specific needs.

Ezekiel Vegan Leather Brown Pouf - Lifestyle Furniture

Whether you store a few in a corner for an intimate conversation area or plop a few around the coffee table for an impromptu kid’s table, poufs can add a lot of versatility without taking up too much space. Plus, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, which means you can use them to add visual interest to your living room design.

Score a Sofa Table with Stools

Whether you’re having guests over for the holidays or hosting friends for a weekly movie night, a sofa table with stools is one of the most versatile living room seating ideas. Not only do sofa tables with stools provide extra seating, but they come with a built-in surface that enables your guests to munch on appetizers or dig into a Thanksgiving feast.

Odium Counter Height Dining Table and Bar Stools (Set of 3) - Lifestyle Furniture

Plus, if you’re planning to watch the Macy’s Day Parade, Christmas Movies, or the big game, sofa tables with stools give you a prime viewing position. Because sofa tables fit so snugly behind the sofa, and because the stools can be easily pushed under the table, they won’t take up extra space when not in use. And because of their narrowness, as long as your sofa isn’t pushed up against the wall, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the space to put it, even if you’re working with a small living room. Ready to start shopping? Browse our huge selection of console tables for sale at Lifestyle Furniture.

Get Chic with a Chaise

Unlike sofas and loveseats, which tend to have arms on both sides, a chaise lounge offers you the ability to use the corners of the seat more fully. As far as living room seating ideas go, chaises offer two main perks: extra seating when entertaining guests and a comfortable space to spread out when you want to read, watch TV, or take a nap.

Jarreau Sofa Chaise Sleeper - Lifestyle Furniture

Whether you’re using your chaise to create a stylish reading nook or as a way to squeeze in some extra seating in an unclaimed corner of your living room, your chaise lounge can go a long way toward creating a comfortable and inviting space for your everyday life and for special occasions. Plus, they’re incredibly stylish and can fill empty spaces in the room, adding depth, visual interest, and texture to your living room design. Shop our selection of chaises and settees today!

Reclaim the Recliner

When you call to mind a recliner, you’re probably picturing the unsightly chairs that your grandparents used to have shoved into the corner of their living room. But recliners have come a long way in both technology and style. In fact, one of our favorite living room seating ideas involves taking advantage of the beauty and technology of modern recliners.

Salinas 2 Power Lift Recliner - Lifestyle Furniture

Not only can you find chic, stylish silhouettes, but many recliners have advanced technological features, including power reclining, lift technology, massage capabilities, and more. Especially if comfort is your priority, recliners give you the perfect space to stretch out and relax, whether you’re hanging out with friends, watching the big game, or working from home.

Now that you’ve chosen your suitable plus seating solution for your home, it’s time to make it happen! Browse our huge selection of living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, and home decor to find what’s right for you. In the meantime, check out our store located at 21E Shaw, Fresno for further home decor inspirations.

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