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All You Need To Know About Corner Sofas

All You Need To Know About Corner Sofas

Is there anything more comfortable than a corner couch? We don’t think so. These cozy corner sofas epitomize a classic, laid-back look and make even the stiffest of people feel at ease when resting on one. In recent years, regular sofas have taken somewhat of a “back seat” and this is understandable. After all, corner couches have a lot to offer and while most will only invest in one to accommodate additional guests in their living rooms, there are so many other reasons why you should welcome one into your home. 

In this blog, Lifestyle Furniture will take a look at a corner sofa’s benefits and what you need to be aware of before purchasing. Moreover, you can click to the images for shopping online!

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  1. More Seating Space

It’s important to get the most obvious benefit out of the way first. Corner sofas provide plenty of space for the whole family to sit on. If there should ever be an occasion where there are more people than usual in your home, a corner sofa can accommodate them too. Someone who owns this style of couch will never have to worry about large parties or gatherings, simply because of the large seating space this item of furniture has to offer. Still, all sofas vary in design and size and this includes corner couches.

Clifford - Lifestyle FurnitureIn most cases, you can seat 6 people comfortably, or on a quiet night, you can fit three people, with each person having plenty of personal space. Larger alternatives have been known to accommodate a whopping 10 people. If you think all those extra seats are excessive, think again. If you are someone who likes to put your feet up in the evenings or occasionally nap in a living room, this couch would still be a smart investment for you.

  1. Save On Floor Space

This might sound silly, especially because corner sofas are one of the largest items of furniture you can buy, but most couches can actually save on floor space. While L-shape and U-shape sofas might appear bulky at first, they are actually an incredibly efficient use of your space. Think about it, it’s incredibly rare to see a regular 2-seater sofa or even a 3-seater sofa on its own in a sitting room. Usually, an armchair, a footstool, or even a second sofa will accompany them. In these instances, a greater deal of floor space is taken. A corner sofa will fit neatly into most room layouts without leaving any negative space or annoying gaps around the room.

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  1. Socializing Is Encouraged

The angled nature of an L-shape couch provides more space for you and your guests to face each other. The same can be said for a U-shape couch. When a number of people sit together on a regular sofa, it tends to feel cramped. Not only this, but everyone is facing out and in the same direction which makes it incredibly difficult to converse with one another and make eye contact while doing so.

Pacific Grove - Lifestyle Furniture

  1. Create A Statement

Even though corner sofas consume a great deal of floor space they can be easily forgiven for this because of their beautifully stylish design. These types of sofas demand attention regardless of where they are placed in the home. They are their own statement piece and can come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. A corner chaise is perfect for those who like to kick their feet up at the end of a busy day because it features an extended chair piece long enough to support a person’s legs. However, a regular corner sofa works just as well if it has a reclining feature or is paired with a separate footstool.

Lavernett Sectional - Lifestyle Furniture

  1. Natural Partitions

Some open-plan spaces are so large they need to be sectioned off to create a distinction between multiple areas. You might, for example, have one large space, but within that space, you will need to include a kitchen, living room, and dining room. Corner couches are able to section off a large space naturally. Ultimately, this can save you a huge amount of money because you won’t need to bring in builders to build sectional walls.

Lenox Maple Sofa & Loveseat - Lifestyle Furniture

Tip: If you want a specific arrangement for your corner sofa and room layout, then consider modular sofas. These couches are essentially separate sofa parts pieced together to create one sofa unit. These interchangeable sections can be arranged to suit your specific wants and needs. Basically, you can create your own L-shape sofa or U-shape couch.

We get it, choosing a sofa is hard, and it’s even harder to choose a corner alternative because sometimes there are spacing limitations. If a corner sofa is not something you can incorporate into your home just yet, then a regular sofa should definitely be considered. Visit our store to discover a wide range of sofa collection or browse our website here for shopping online!

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